Denise Scott Art


I found great satisfaction in making things look exactly like they should look because, for the majority of my life, I could not do this. It was exciting to reproduce a photo realistically and I continue to enjoy doing this so much.

Then I discovered 'inner landscapes' where my creativity really took flight. It never ceases to amaze me after applying a few washes of colour what I can see on the drawing, no ideas beforehand. I intuitively allow the painting to take me along its creative path, finding hidden shapes within the colours. This has to be the most liberating form of expression and the finished artworks truly astound me with their originality.

Trying various techniques I have been studying recently, has lead me into another area of creativity - collage with watercolour. Again, I allow my imagination free range after applying the collage pieces. Collage is very new to me but like all things new, there are paths to follow now I have not explored. And this is the exciting thing about art; there is always another avenue to explore.



Southern Seas.  Watercolour on paper.        Forest Floor.  Watercolour on paper.

Grapes - The Beginning.  Watercolour on paper.                         Leaves and Feathers.  Watercolour on paper.

Easter Parade.  Watercolour/Collage/Graphite on paper.                         Lemons.  Watercolour/Collage on paper.